Roseluck's Site!

Welcome to my website! 🌹

I made this site in order to talk about My Little Pony related things. As you can tell, I chose the pony Roseluck (aka Rose) as a sort of persona-type image of myself. I was originally going to use Lyra Heartstrings, but decided against it. Rose is waaaaaay too cool for that. (Also, I really like pink/red color schemes!)

What's the point of this site, anyway? 🌹

Hopefully whoever reading this will learn more about My Little Pony in general. I'm hoping to spread knowledge about one of my favorite series (It's been a favorite for over 5+ years!) I know My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has already had it's surge on the internet, between bronies and it being literally everywhere for a large time period, but it still feels necessary to talk about it..? Guess thats just the Pony Fever, huh. Regardless, I am currently planning out content for this website, so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy!

Site Updates 🌹

11-1/2/3-18: Basically this whole site was re-made with the layout and everything else added. roseluck.html was mostly finished yesterday (the second; it's 12 pm as I'm writing this). Plans for an "about the webmaster" page are in the works.
11-5-18: Daylight savings is kicking my butt; Going to start my about page today.
1-23-19: Sorry for the long hiatus! We're back in business, baby!